July 13, 2015

Our Services and Clients


Owners/operators, EPC firms, skid manufacturers and controls major OEMs are our clients; especially in chemical, chemical and manufacturing sectors. We support complete I&C life cycle with our experienced and talented staff.

We invite you to get in touch with us about your challenges in automation projects and operations.

Owners and operators like our agile staff that can be mobilized to difficult geographic areas on a short notice. See more about our services for owners and operators.

EPCs value our staff’s commissioning and startup experience that enables early identification of potential gaps. See more about our services for EPCs.

Skid manufacturers call upon us for short term engineering and site services tasks, helping them reduce fixed costs of underutilized resources. See more about our services for skid manufacturers.

Control majors rely on us for cost effective project delivery and site services, specially during peaks and in difficult geographic regions. See more about our services for controls majors.